"Products need faces"

When are medium-sized companies successful abroad? Who helps? How to compete abroad against corporations? Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger, CEO of Jäger Group, Philipp Neddermeyer, managing director of AGA in lower saxony, and Peter Eisenschmidt, Project Director International Affairs at hannoverimpuls talks about challenges, experiences and wishes. Moderation: Raik Packeiser, Managing director of insignis Communications Agency.

Impulsiv: Why seek far afield when the good is so close ... International expansion offers SMEs undoubtedly opportunities, but also significant risks. Why would expose itself to the risk?
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger: The German market is just too small for most companies. Who wants to save jobs, has to be active in other markets. The trick is also to grow through foreign business with locally adapted products at the home base and to keep its own technological know-how in Germany and expand.

The entire interview is available on the website of the magazine IMPULSIV (in German).