Every Beginning does not have to be hard

Social program at the workshop

New employees of Jaeger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH have been at the headquarter in Hanover for a one-week introduction. Aim of the workshop was, apart from the get to know each other, to show the colleagues the possibilities of the company, the working method and the rubber and plastics products for the daily work as well as to give them the necessary expertise for customer advisory service.

Head of the workshop was Manfred Bothmer with his extensive know-how and his knowledge of the company. Until his retirement he has been working as sales manager at Jaeger for 20 years.
General Manager Hans-Ulrich von Tippelskirch welcomed the attendees and explained the goals of the Jaeger Group of Companies: Who are we? What do we want? What can we do? After a lecture on the history of the Jaeger Company and a presentation of the product groups of our core business followed a tour around the old town of Hanover and a common dinner.

Roundtour at Jaeger Automobil-Technik Produktion in Osterode

During the following days the various production facilities in Hanover and Osterode with its different manufacturing possibilities were visited as well as the impressing central warehouse in Isernhagen. The respective heads presented the companies and their aims. Afterwards the experiences from praxis were deepened by technical lectures on resources, processing method and application of the product.

Additional technical lectures with the subjects “strategic supplier selection”, “quality management”, “technical drawings” and on different product groups out of the sector technical parts and industrial engineering completed the seminar.

The new information will help in daily business and form the base for constant professional training and further education of our account managers.