Salesperson for wholesale and foreign trade

Special feature:

The apprenticeship is offered in different fields.

Type of apprenticeship:

Accredited apprenticeship job (dual vocational training) regulated by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

Duration of apprenticeship:

2.5 years each


Learning locations:

Company and vocational school


Which fields are there?

The apprenticeship is possible in these fields:

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant, wholesale area (Hanover location)

What do these professions involve?

Wholesale and foreign trade merchants trade in goods from various different branches. They procure goods in their home countries and abroad to resell them to retail operations, the trades or industry. They also arrange for cost-effective storage and on-time delivery.
The tasks of wholesale and foreign trade merchants in the specific areas mentioned above can be taken from the individual descriptions.

What skills are needed?

Communication abilities, a service orientation and talent for negotiation e.g. in dealings with customers and suppliers.

You should have an interest in mathematics and business administration in order to make calculations correctly and to properly book business processes. Good German skills, especially spelling and expressive capability, are needed for correspondence and negotiations. 

Which educational certification is expected?

General higher education entrance qualification or advanced technical college certification or the equivalent



Excerpts from: 
(partially adapted to our course of training)

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