Industrial clerk

Type of Occupation:

Recognized training operation

Type of apprenticeship:

Dual vocational training regulated by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

Duration of apprenticeship:

2.5 years

Learning locations:

Company and vocational school

What does this profession involve?

Industrial clerks control business processes within the company. In materials management, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and supervise receiving and inventorying of goods. In production management, they plan, control and monitor production of goods or services and prepare accompanying documents for orders. In sales, they perform calculations, develop price lists and conduct conduct sales negotiations with the customer.
They also develop targeted marketing strategies. If you are active in the areas accounting / finances, you process, book and control processes occurring during the course of business. In human resource management, you assess personnel needs, are involved in acquiring or selecting personnel and plan personnel deployment.

Where does one work?

Industrial clerks work in companies of nearly all economic sectors, such as the electrical, vehicle or textile industries.
They carry out their occupations in offices and conference rooms where they perform such activities including booking business processes and generating offers at a computer or discussing sales promotion measures. In the warehouse, they control delivery documents and manage the entry of goods into inventory. In the production hall, they monitor machine scheduling.

What skills are needed?

Flexibility is essential, because this occupation requires quickly changing between different activities and reacting to varying customer desires. Communication skills, such as for customer consultation, are essential, as are negotiation skills regarding materials procurement, production means and services etc.

Good mathematical skills are of assistance, such as in compiling the costs for production materials, wages and rents. Business knowledge is necessary for negotiation with customers. Knowledge of accounting practices is helpful in booking business processes. Foreign language and English skills are helpful in maintaining contacts with international customers or suppliers. Strong expressive abilities and feel for the language in German are advantageous for processing personnel records. EDV skills are helpful with work on the computer. Typing skills are useful in business correspondence. 

Which educational certification is expected?

General higher education entrance qualification, advanced technical college certification or the equivalent



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