IdeenExpo 11: Vulcanized wristband make your own

About the IdeenExpo

Technique is boring, science is for nerds and an apprenticeship you don´t get anyway. So thinks many young people and adults. That this Picture is wrong, the IdeenExpo proved this year for the third time. From 27 August to 4 September 2011 turned on the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover all about technology, science and vocational guidance. At about 400 hands-on exhibits, with 100 workshop topics and live experiments were given the visitors an exciting and memorable insight into the world of science and technology. Germany’s greatest knowledge and hands-on event sparked so the research spirit of the young people, and aroused the interest of pupils and students for scientific and technical professions, to address the gap of qualified personnel. This year the IdeenExpo counts 310,000 visitors, representing an increase of 10% over 2009.

Our stand

Down, stretched and prepared

On the stand of Jäger Group of Companies, the visitors could make wristband from rubber themself. This led to a number of visitors every day of the IdeenExpo that has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

Production of the wristbands

The exhibit

The visitors get prepared raw material into a disposable plastic mold. This was stretched and prepared for vulcanization. By vulcanization (curing oven was operated by the stand personnel) - was a wristband. During the waiting time  the vulcanization process was explained and demonstrated using a video documentation. After cooling, the molds were opened by the visitors, taken from the finished part and removed the ridge with a pair of scissors. Then the individual labeling was performed by a laser (operated by Jäger stuff). The wristband could taken by the visitor.

Some impressions of the IdeenExpo


"The IdeenExpo 2011 was a resounding success. During my visits I was particularly pleased about the many young people who are passionated about the numerous scientific and technical offers. From the point  against the backdrop of the looming shortage of skilled workers that was a very important goal. My special thanks goes to all exhibitors, Sponsors and the great IdeenExpo team." said David McAllister. Simultaneously the Prime Minister of Lower-Saxony announced that in 2013 the IdeenExpo will come back to Hanover.

Anita Livaja, trainee at Jäger: "It's nice to let the visitor discover that there is something for every interest and amazing with how much fun the technology is mediated by the IdeenExpo."

"The spark of the IdeenExpo has jumped over  on our trainees. Thus have many innovative ideas that have enriched our stand.", said Joachim Salewski, managing director of Jäger Automobil-Technik GmbH & Co. KG and stand leaders.