Trained warehouse specialist

Type of apprenticeship:

Dual vocational training regulated by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG)


Duration of apprenticeship:

2 years


Learning locations:

Company and vocational school


What does this profession involve?

Warehouse clerks receive goods and check them against accompanying documents for type, amount and characteristics of the delivery. They record the goods into the company's EDV system, properly sort and store them or route them to their destination in operations. At regular intervals, they check stock levels and conduct inventories.
For shipping, they pack goods, fill out accompanying documents, put together shipping units and load trucks. They identify, label and secure sendings. In the process, they observe relevant guidelines such as the hazardous goods regulations and customs regulations. Goods are transferred with different transport devices such as forklifts or automatic sorting systems.


Where does one work?

Warehouse clerks primarily work at shipping companies and other logistics service providers.
You will primarily be occupied in the warehouse. You load goods to vehicles on loading ramps.

What skills are needed?

Warehouse clerks operate conveyor and sorting systems. This requires caution. Attention to detail is important, for example when correctly putting together deliveries for shipment.

Mathematical skills are needed e.g. when calculating total weights and spatial requirements of goods. Because warehousing / logistics is an international branch, English skills are advantageous e.g for communication with suppliers from foreign countries.

Which educational certification is expected?

No specific educational certification is required by law. In practice, companies mainly engage apprentices with a good intermediate education (Hauptschule or Realschule or foreign equivalent).


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