Detectable work materials

Detectable work materials
Detectable work materials

In the food industry and in sensitive areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, 100 % hygiene and absence of pollutants are necessary. Therefore, the use of detectable work materials increased. If they go accidental into production, they can be found reliably with the help of a metal detector.

Mechanical detectable silicon gains ground

For some time past, silicon-based products are a fixed component in the production and the handling of food. The use of metallic/magnetic detectable silicon is constantly growing in extruded profiles/hoses and in mangled plate goods. A special filler ensures that the mentioned detectors detect the superseded fragments and removals them out of the product flow.

Variable detectability

The detectability of the materials can be tailor-made variable as well as customer-specific. Even particles in extremely tiny dimension can be detect by a targeted setting of the silicon compounds.

Blue as a signal color

Nevertheless, how become the superseded particles visible?

The developers of the detectable work materials utilized the fact, that there are no blue foods naturally. Therefore, the used materials are colored blue and become easy visual identifiable. 

Furthermore, despites their unnatural blue color, the materials meet all requirements for the food contact and they are conform to the FDA-requirement as well as the policy 2000/72/EG and the regulation (EU) Nr.10/2011.