The Jäger running team at the B2Run 2016 in Hannover

Jäger running team

Menacing and unstoppable, the storm clouds pushed over the horizon.  But the Jäger team was quicker.  Everyone crossed the finishing line before the heavy rain.  51 runners - the group had never been so large – had pulled on the bright green Jäger shirt and set off in highly motivated mood on the route of the 6.4 kilometre long Hanoverian corporate B2Run around the Maschsee.  Not only colleagues from Head Office and Artemis were on their feet, but also a large group from Osterode and Hildesheim.

Kerstin Recker, who had looked after the organisation, reports enthusiastically on the good atmosphere and the remarkable results: ‘All of us crossed the finishing line, even five with a very good time of under 30 minutes.’ Hannes Bolting achieved the best result, with eighth place in the overall ranking for ‘male apprentices’.  The winner in the ratings was Daniel Hell, with a time of 26:42 minutes.  And after that?  After that was a big party.  In the meantime the storm clouds had in fact reached the HDI Arena, but the stadium roof offered protection from the downpour.  It was moreover warm and summery, so the evening rain just couldn’t wash away the good atmosphere.