Apprenticeships at the Jaeger Group
Apprenticeships at the Jaeger Group

Ever since its beginning, the Jäger Group has been committed to a qualified education. We are proud to state that since that time, more than 465 apprentices were able to conclude their studies with us.


During the apprenticeship, we establish a work scope which provides optimal guidance into professional life. Intensive training and comprehensive support are as much a part of this program as self-responsibility: many apprentices undertake independent projects and lead them through to the project goal. In this way, many future-oriented impulses to benefit the entire company have come into existence. In the Jäger Group, each employee — from apprentice to department manager — has the opportunity to introduce his or her ideas and take on responsibility.



Currently we are offering 5 apprenticeship occupations at various locations:


Training Occupation Company Locations
Salesperson for wholesale and foreign trade

Industrial clerk 



Machinery and equipment operator   Hanover 
Trained warehouse specialist 


Precision machinist

Osterode am Harz

* updated at 28.02.2018