Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions, Inc. Receives Award at the 2018 Aisin Supplier Conference

Jaeger-UniTek is proud to have received the “Cost Competitiveness” award at the 2018 Aisin North American Supplier Conference held in Dearborn, Michigan. The conference included the attendance of hundreds of Aisin suppliers and recognized the key supplier partners with award certificates for their achievements in 2017.

“We are very proud to be recognized by Aisin for our cost competitiveness in providing critical sealing components.  Our engineering team created both innovative design solutions for function and also for cost effective manufacturing to differentiate Jaeger-UniTek in the marketplace”, commented Colton Phelan, Key Account Manager. 

Makoto Sato, Engineering, added “Our team has been supplying complex sealing components to Aisin for nearly 20 years which meet very stringent requirements. We are pleased to be selected for this prestigious award and look forward to contributing to Aisin’s success for many years to come”. 

Jaeger-Unitek, based in La Porte, Indiana, is a leading supplier of engineered rubber and plastic extrusions serving Industrial, Agricultural and Transportation industries.   Its’ technologies are focused on utilizing unique compound formulations to create complex, application specific solutions to meet demanding customer applications.

For additional information, please contact Jaeger-Unitek at info@jaeger-unitek.com or visit www.jaeger-unitek.com.