1950 - 1959

Hannover Messe 1958

Growth through Customer Proximity


In in the early 1950s, Arnold Jäger, Sr. began to start up branches in Hamburg, Siegen, Neuss and Stuttgart to take advantage of physical proximity to the customer as competitive advantage, Arnold Jäger, Sr. understood the importance of distinguishing his company from the local competition through specialization and outstanding services.


Confidence in the company's performance and the efforts of Arnold Jäger, Jr. to individually solve even difficult technical problems soon made Gummi-Jäger a byword for quality and expert competence.


Both father and son also recognized how important the presence of their company at trade fairs was. Important, because this is where contacts were made and the Jäger service spectrum could be presented to a wide audience of specialists in the industry. Even today, the Jaeger Group exhibits at the Hannover Messe and numerous other trade fairs in Europe, the USA and China.


Technical Achievements in Rubber and Plastics


Arnold Jäger, Sr. was a businessman who always tuned his decisions to future market needs with a far-reaching sense of vision. Together with his son, he was well aware of the significance of a wide product offering reaching beyond rubber products. Thus it is self-evident that Gummi-Jäger would also integrate plastics into its performance spectrum


Motivated by applications in the mining industry, in 1956 the Prädifa Jäger KG was founded near Stuttgart as a company devoted to manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic seals. This was the first step in supplementing successful trading activities with own production. Thanks to its competence with materials and precision manufacture, Prädifa quickly developed into one of the leading hydraulic specialists in Europe. To open additional growth opportunity for Präfida, the company was sold to the globally active Parker-Hannifin Corporation in 1978 and today is an essential component of this American company's European activities.

Belted chain conveyors

Development of Own Product Families


Starting in 1956, Arnold Jäger, Jr. developed specialized extreme high pressure directional drilling hoses and rubber molded parts for pumps and drilling accessories for the natural oil industry then located in the region Celle/Hanover. In this market segment, today Jäger remains internationally represented with stators and rotors for borehole oil pumps and deep drilling drives.


In 1959, Arnold Jäger, Jr. began production of belted chain conveyors, bringing a decisive improvement to harvesting processes. The basis for these conveyors is a rubber / fabric belt construction he developed. Ongoing further development and patents provided the foundation for additional production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.