Machinery and equipment operator

Type of apprenticeship:
Dual vocational training regulated by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

Duration of apprenticeship:
2 years

Learning locations:
Company and vocational school

What does this profession involve?
Machinery and equipment operators configure, convert and operate machinery and equipment. In the process, they prepare workflows, monitor machine functions and set machinery into operation. They also monitor production processes.
In addition, they inspect and perform maintenance on machinery at regular intervals to ensure they are ready for operation. For example, they refill oil, coolant or lubricant and exchange wear parts such as seals, filters or hoses.

Where does one work?
Machinery and equipment operators work in industrial production operations of various branches, primarily in the:

Metal industry

Plastic industry

Food processing industry

Printing industry

Textile industry

Most of their occupation is carried out in workshops and assembly or production halls.

What skills are needed?
Diligent attentiveness is required, e.g. when production machinery is configured or when the production run must be closely observed to recognize the early signs of malfunctions.

When machinery and equipment needs to be checked and maintained, knowledge of technology and factories is advantageous. Knowledge of physics is essential for understanding machine functions, troubleshooting and applying various test procedures.

Which educational certification is expected?
No specific educational certification is required by law. In practice, companies mainly engage apprentices with a good intermediate education (Hauptschule or Realschule or foreign equivalent).



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