Jaeger-UniTek Sealing Solutions Inc.

Location: La Porte, USA


Jaeger Unitek Sealing Solutions

Jaeger Unitek Sealing Solutions is an Indiana based company who has specialized in:

  • Engineered technologies for interfacing surfaces through extrusion processing
  • Solid and sponge rubber extrusion lines
  • Single, co- and tri-durometer, thermoplastic extrusion lines and components
  • Patented TOKIWA sealing systems



Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions, Inc. has the expertise and the capabilities to offer you the most effective methods to meet your requirements. Jaeger-Uniteks product lines offer a wide range of solutions for your demands: superior quality seals and cost-effective production.

The team is ready and welcomes all development and design challenges. Profit from their technological expertise in the development of your new products and their problem solutions.

Through continuous innovation, cost-benefit analysis and first class customer service from the initial product idea to delivery of the finished product, you will achieve the highest added value for your customers.