Energy management planning at the Jäger Group of companies

energy management

The cheapest energy is energy that is saved. At Jäger this experience can now be documented with figures. The energy management system (EnMS) was introduced in 2012. An implementation team examined the current energy consumption situation at our productions locations to identify where potential savings could be made.

As early as June 2013 the EnMS was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. The main advantages of the certification are that processes have been established which contribute to improving the energy-related performance. What's more, energy tax refunds have been secured.

At our locations in Germany, we have saved around 580 to CO2 in 2014. The main drivers for this were renovations, awareness raising employee awareness, as well as the optimization of processes such as by Mould and Machine insulation. For 2015, approximately another 350 to CO2 reductions are planned.