Locations: Veendam (Holland), Pine City (MN), Woodland (CA)




Broekema, a leading pioneer of root crop harvesting belted chain since the late 1950's, has grown into an international supplier of the highest quality belted chain conveyor belting of the Broekema Systems:


Their products are found at manufacturers of harvesting machinery in over 30 countries, where their export ratio consists of 90 %. To better serve their customers in the United States and Canada, they opened a production facility in Minnesota, USA.

The Broekema product is offered to manufacturing companies of agricultural harvesting and handling equipment for use in root vegetable crops such as potatoes, sugar beets and various types of vegetables, as well as for conveying, washing and sorting systems for the food processing and the fishery industry as well as the canned food, French fry and potato chip industries. New materials and potential applications present the future challenge.

The EA Broekema BV exceeds the rising demands related to higher reliability, longer operation life etc.; both through investment in their own new products and machinery as well as for the end user. The industry also knows their name in association with articles which by today have become the norm in connection with Broekema; their striving for ever-improved services is widely recognized, as is the longer functional life with less damage to harvested crops their products bring the user. As expected from a high quality business, EA Broekema BV has obtained an ISO 9001 certificate.