1990 - 1999

50 years of Gummi-Jäger

Humans Shaping the Future


50 years of Gummi-Jäger was enthusiastically celebrated in Hanover by all staff, 1992. The company remains loyal to the success concept of its founders: motivated, engaged professionals who assume responsibility within their divisions and express strong company identification.


Even today, the theme "apprenticeship" is written in capital letters at Jaeger. 420 apprentices have completed their education within the company since it began.

Production site in Misburg

Occupying New Markets


To meet the further growth of rubber and plastic products, in 1992 a new location was established in Hanover-Misburg.


One particular concentration in this regard is rubber membranes for treating industrial and community wastewater. This product was developed by Arnold Jäger and his sons in the context of the environmental discussions emerging at the start of the 80s and has come to save great amounts of energy in wastewater treatment around the world.


The product resulted in development of the companies Jäger Umwelt-Technik in Hanover and Jaeger Rubber & Plastics in Shenzhen, China.

Jäger family

Family Company Jäger


Far-sighted entrepreneurs Arnold and Regina Jäger lead the Jaeger Group into the next generation. Succession planning for the entry of the third generation was originated with professional assistance.


To guarantee seamless transition, Arnold Jäger Holding was founded as umbrella firm for all the individual companies as well as to consolidate the central services of the Jaeger Group.


With Andreas and Sebastian Jäger, the third generation entered management of the Jaeger Group in 1994. Regina Jäger successively handed over Artemis company management to Sebastian Jäger, while Arnold Jäger transferred technical management of Gummi-Jäger to Andreas Jäger.


After complete transfer of management to Andreas and Sebastian Jäger, Arnold and Regina Jäger 1996 took positions on the Advisory Board of Arnold Jäger Holding.

Artemis Rubber USA

Customer Proximity – Even Outside Germany

Regina and Arnold Jäger focus on expanding the market in the USA. In 1994, the company Artemis Rubber Technology, Inc. was founded in the vicinity of Denver under the leadership of Regina Jäger.

Production of rubber-metal bonded parts on modern automated machines injection molding fulfils the demand for "local content" in the US automotive industry. In addition to the automotive business, a product line for consumer products was constructed with a regional customer. Later, membranes for wastewater treatment were incorporated into the production program.

Broekema Veendam

Future Market Agricultural Technology


In 1996 came the opportunity to acquire the current market leader for belted chain conveyors, the Dutch company Ernst August Broekema in Veendam, along with its US daughter company Broekema Beltway USA in Hinckley, Minnesota. The decades-long association between the company families Broekema and Jäger and their similar company philosophies eased integration of Broekema into the Jaeger Group. Eventually the cultural differences also proved to enrich the company in an economic sense. Mastery of foreign languages is gaining ever more significance. Today the divisions Artemis in Hanover, Broekema in Veendam, Broekema Beltway in Pine City and the replacement parts specialist Windgassen in Paderborn comprise a production alliance. The belted chain conveyor product underwent further development towards a wide range of applications. With Jäger agricultural machinery belts, harvesting processes of numerous crops such as potatoes, sugar beets, tomatoes, peanuts, pasturage and sod, even mussels, were decisively improved.

J.H. Lerch & Co.

Expansion in Technical Trade


In 1996, the technical wholesale firm J.H. Lerch & Co., Hanover, was also taken over. In addition to technical products, Lerch was concentrated in occupational safety.


This technical company was integrated into Gummi-Jäger; Lerch was extended to a supraregionally operative specialist for personal protective equipment.


To strengthen the focus on rubber and plastic technology, in 2009 the majority of Lerch was merged with the occupational safety division of the company Mühlberger, Wiesbaden, to Mühlberger-Lerch Arbeitsschutz GmbH. Today the company is successful in supporting customers throughout Germany and Europe from its locations in Hanover and Wiesbaden.