1980 - 1989

New headquarter in Bissendorfer Strasse

Change of Location: New Place of Business in Hanover-Kleefeld


In order to keep pace with growth of the Gummi-Jäger business, in 1982 the Hanover head office relocated to new premises having the most modern office standards in Hanover-Kleefeld. This new building also offers more expansive surfaces for inventory and manufacture.


Between 2003 and 2005, the building on Bissendorfer Straße was refurbished according to ergonomic aspects and equipped with the most up to date technologies.

Optimer 1993

Success in the Niche


Since that time, Gummi-Jäger has established itself as supplier to the automotive industry. This was followed by specialization in small-volume rubber molded parts from large bore tools. Since Artemis was increasing its concentration on large volume rubber products, in 1988 Jaeger acquired its supplier Optimer Polymer-Technik in Osterode from the company Wilhelm Eisenhut.


Later renamed to Jäger Automobil-Technik Produktion, this is the production plant of a highly specialized supplier for rubber molded parts, direct rubber-plastic bonding, 2K thermoplastics and complete assemblies.


Conception and construction of tooling for all automotive activities of the Jaeger Group is still concentrated in Osterode.