Arnold Jäger 1973

Fluid Change of Generations


In 1973, Arnold Jäger, Sr. passed away at the age of 77 years. Although naturally a deep loss, the event did not entail a break in business leadership. Not only was the second generation firmly integrated into the company, proven and reliable employees also ensured continuity at all levels.

Dr. Klaus Pfennig
Arnold Jäger, Jr. and Dr. Klaus Pfennig, who joined the company with a Diploma in Business Administration in 1972, directed their total energy to continuing the company according to the ideals of its founder. Sensible distribution of tasks among management have allowed Arnold Jäger, Jr. to strengthen technical development of products and processes.
New building in Anderten

Own Production Extends Business


In 1974, Arnold Jäger, Jr. became sole proprietor of Gummi Jäger and its associated companies.


The two Gummi-Jäger production sites for rubber molded parts and belted chain conveyors were consolidated within a 5,000 m² newly constructed building in Hanover-Anderten in 1975, under the name Artemis Kautschuk und Kunststoff-Technik. In addition, business with non-standard transport conveyors including the corresponding machinery and staff were taken over from the Continental Gummi-Werke AG and integrated into Artemis.

Regina Jäger

Quality in focus


In 1985, Regina Jäger entered the company as managing partner of Artemis, built up an in-house sales unit and established an Artemis-specific product and process development.


Today, Artemis Kautschuk- und Kunststoff-Technik provides central services in elastomer chemistry, such as compound development, and the centralized test laboratory for the entire Jaeger Group. As well, Artemis maintains a modern, computer-assisted mixing facility for high quality rubber compounds.


Since then, the various operating departments have developed into the 3 divisions Belts and Conveyors, Stators and Rotors and Molded Parts, with international growth focused on distribution to the target groups.