1942 - 1949

Arnold Jäger sen.

Beginning of a success story

A few years after his apprenticeship at Continental-Caoutchouc- & Gutta-Percha Compagnie in Hanover and with the support of his father August, in 1922 Arnold Jäger, Sr. became partner in a Hanover wholesaler of technical rubber products for sanitary and general technical use. Business talent, discipline and thrift and of course, the necessary touch of luck were the cornerstones which brought the young company forward. Commerce flourished; a smaller trade enterprise and a rubber products company were taken ov


In October 1942, Arnold Jäger, Sr. founded his own company under the name Arnold Jäger – Gummiwaren, Asbest-, Industrie- und Bergwerksbedarf, which later became Gummi-Jäger. Thanks to his marked entrepreneurial talent and high degree of work discipline, he also won the confidence of his customers here. He found the work to which he devoted all his energies fascinating. His engagement bore fruit; the young undertaking quickly developed into a leading company in Hanover and became well-known beyond the borders of the region.

Destroyed Nikolaistrasse 1945

Construction and Reconstruction

In March 1945, the entire stock and all documents in the company building on Nikolaistrasse were destroyed during the final Allied air raid on Hanover. Together with his 76 year old father August – regarded as an exceptionally practical person – Arnold Jäger, Sr. began to rebuild the company from wreckage and rubble.

Arnold Jäger jun.
In 1948, Arnold Jäger, Jr. entered his father's business. To extend his business education at Gummi-Jäger in the afternoons, he took on a technical apprenticeship at a Hanover manufacturer of rubber products, Gummi-Hansen, and in the evenings attended the technical school as well. With his technical expertise and drive for technical perfection, Arnold Jäger, Jr. was the ideal complement to his father's business talents.